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Todd, Marie and their Danes

We have had Great Danes in our lives for 15 years. Initially we were attracted to the breed due to their personality, sensitivity, and playfulness—they are sweet and funny souls who bring us joy. They are amazing companions whether we are enjoying the outdoors or staying in. Because we have chosen to adopt mature adults until recently, we have shared our home with 8 very special Great Danes over the years. Each one has taught us something, and it always feels like they leave too soon. Having worked with different rescue organizations, we can say that GDRI is exceptional in terms of the dedicated and organized team involved in screening potential owners and matching dogs to ensure successful placement. The thorough application, home visit, and adoption coordination process helped match us successfully with Danes who were a good fit for our family. We have also been welcomed into a community of Great Dane-loving folks, and we appreciate the ongoing support. Our GDRI alumni were Herbie (originally Seeley Booth) and Mooch, and currently Clyde (originally Boone).

You may recognize Clyde as the mischievous cucumber-stealing Secret Agent Clyde. He came into our lives in March 2016 after being rescued from a backyard breeder. We were hesitant to adopt a puppy since there are so many adult dogs in need of good homes, and we saw ourselves as more capable of managing medical needs of aging Danes rather than doing the training and management of a more active puppy. However, Clyde's foster parent happened to be a dog trainer who socialized him and taught him hand targeting. She also helped us locate a Karen Pryor trainer to continue his training. We still practice hand targeting with Clyde, and he uses it to communicate with us--he will run and touch his harness when it’s time to go for a walk. Clyde began to experience intermittent and shifting pain in early 2017, and when an MRI finally confirmed a diagnosis of Wobbler Syndrome it was a painful day. We are grateful that Herbie and especially Mooch taught us so much about caring for dogs with neurological issues. It feels like they prepared us and paved the way for Clyde to lead the best life possible.

Clyde takes pleasure in playing with toys (squeakers galore in our house), chewing knuckle bones, shredding paper, and going for walks. He keeps his much older brother Gus on his toes. Anytime vegetables are being sliced he will magically appear to eat the extra pieces. This year's garden is growing and Clyde is already checking for cucumbers!

Todd & Marie Naumann