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Betty Heiden's Crash

My husband Dave was actually the instigator of the idea. After we were married I wanted a dog and he suggested a Great Dane. Forty-four years ago I met my first Dane, a BYB fawn with a great personality but not so great health and we have had at least two with us ever since. I run a boarding a grooming facility in the woods by our house, and everyone knew us as the "people with the Danes". A client called and told me of two young Danes that were being raised outside in a Labrador sized doghouse on chains. At that time I checked the website (just searched for rescues) and got in touch with Stephanie Tracy. We've been friends ever since. Tracy and I went to pick these two up and she put them in the rescue system. I have a special place in my heart for the Dane, and have been owned by other breeds, but will always have at least one Dane.

We have also been the owner of a number of show dogs, and when my daughter was born, she became a very successful junior handler, growing up to be a vet and now also a successful adult handler. She loves the Danes as much as Dave and I.

My first adoption was in 2011 when I read about Powder and her littler of pups born in rescue. I have always wanted a harle, and Crash came to live with us - I told Dave I was just going to "foster" him. NO, that didn't work! He soon became my heart dog and I applied for his PAL number and off to obedience and rally competitions we went. He was just 4 months when he began training and it really stuck with him. Recently have had two years of quite involved surgery and medical issues, and for some unknown reason when the Tennessee litter appeared, I just knew one of those puppies needed us as much as I needed my Danes. We drove all the way to Indiana in silence, to pick up our Crinkle, named because she caused a bit of a rift in the family, but knowing Dave and his soft heart, I knew she would capture it. She has, and now we adore our "Teacup Dane" of 17 months.

We are awaiting the addition (not in the near future, but soon) of another show dog, as I have the show bug, and I hope once I am healed to get back out with Crash and Crinkle in obedience and rally. There is something about a Dane, we all know it. They are just so big they fill your hearts FULLY, and like potato chips, I can never have just one. I've met a number of great friends in GDRI, and am so glad to be a part of this fabulous organization.

Betty Heiden