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Adopter of the Month

My husband Tom and I where living in Idaho when in December of 2014 my grandfather passed. He left his home to me in his will, so naturally we moved back to Arizona. I was born and raised here, desert rat for life as some would say! The year of 2015 was crazy with moving, figuring out jobs, figuring out transport, and so much more. However, in September of 2015 my Great Dane Rhea who was 9 ended up collapsing. My brother and I took her to our vet, who immediately took us to the back room, and did the testing.

My baby girl had a sudden burst of lung cancer, my vet didn't understand why it was so sudden and honestly I didn't either... but we all do what we must to make their lives as happy and wonderful as possible. Within those last moments, she pushed herself into my lap and died in my arms smiling. It took me quite some time to get over this. It took my husband twice as long because Rhea was a daddy's girl through and through. Then in October 2015, I was hit by a teenager who was texting and driving, dislocating my right arm and so much more seemed to topple.

I found GDRI in December of 2015 on Facebook of all places! Though I was still hurting over Rhea, I enjoyed following the Great Danes, and reading of the wonderful success stories they seemed to have. Near the end of February, one story in particular seemed to stick with me, it was of a Harlequin named Bianca. She was a special needs dog, deaf and 100% blind in one eye and 50% on the other. She was just a puppy, a playful rambunctious puppy. Every month, I followed her, watching as they would post about her, watching as she got older, and one question seemed to eat at me; why hasn't she been adopted?

Now I understand special needs dogs can be tough, my Husky was raised around some special needs dogs, but she didn't seem as bad as I'm sure others thought she was. It began to really resonate with me after I was told my diagnoses were considered disabilities under the American's With Disabilities Act. I was treated like I had the plague, and my life became rather difficult. All I could keep thinking was, is this what it's like for her?

In May of 2016, I finally convinced my husband and we applied to be adopters. I went through the application, did my phone interview. When I was asked who I was interested in and I said Bianca, I was asked 'Are you sure?' it made me giggle, I was extremely adamant about it, honestly I was downright stubborn. I communicated with the foster, and finally got to meet her with my husband. Despite her being a bit smaller than the massive adults that I was used to, she gravitated to me and my husband. She tried to crawl into my lap, nuzzle me, it was honestly the cutest thing on the planet. We then moved on to her meeting Merlin, my Service Dog and Siberian Husky, and there was an instant connection. Both dogs tried to pull me and the foster over while we walked away!

She finally was able to come home with us the second week of July 2016. When the foster handed us her medical records, I broke down. Her original name before GDRI received her was Rhea, and she was born around the same time my ReRe died. I bawled, my husband just smiled as we opened up our truck doors and up she went, all ready to go. We decided to rename her Guinevere in order to keep with the King Arthur theme we seemed to be on!

The first few weeks were tough for her, a new home, new food, new everything really. But after about two weeks, she broke out of her shell. We host a game night every Friday night, she loves our friends who come because she gets infinite attention! She and Merlin have become inseparable, and I mean this literally. She sleeps with him and even on him, he does the same. They have to eat, drink and potty at the same times... it's kind of cute, we call her his girlfriend!

Guinevere and the cats get along well, Lelouch seems to pick fights with her but she understands its a kitty, and you can't play as rough with a dog. She and Rollo get along well, she seems to know that Rollo is a pansy kitty. She loves to sleep with the humans, and when I say this, I mean she gets up where we put out heads and flops right down as close as she can, so nine times out of ten either me or my husband wake up with our arm around a big fuzzy baby.

We took her to the vet for a wellness check in August 2016, She wasn't scared at all! She loved going out, seeing things and other dogs! My vet ran some tests and it turns out Guinevere can hear higher frequencies. It explains why if I scream or yelp she freaks out mind you, but due to her not knowing what it is, she barks at it. Her vision is stable right now, our vet said he can help us out when she gets older. She doesn't seem afraid of the world when I'm with her, if anything she gets a little too curious about it!

Guinevere has honestly been one of the best stubborn things I stuck with in a long, long time. The longer she's with us, the more I realize she understands my needs just as I understand hers. We are in the process of training her as an Emotional Support and someday Therapy Dog due to her personality and rather cuddly nature!

I am thankful for GDRI for rescuing her and keeping her safe until I was able to take over. I am also thankful to everyone who ever looked at her and decided against adopting her due to her special needs. She has one of the most vibrant and wonderful personalities that I have ever seen in a dog. Guinevere has become more then a pet to me, she's become my best friend and ally just like Merlin. Because in an odd way, we both understand each other on a level most can't. The future for us is going to be a bright and brilliant road full of endless fun and adventures, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you so much!
Alexandra, Thomas & Guinevere Jones + The rest of the Fuzzy Jones family!