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GDRI Volunteer of the Month

Ronda and pups

We thought that you might like to get to know us. There are a host of volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and energy to Great Dane Rescue Inc.

Some of our volunteers home foster our Danes, others help transport our Danes to their forever homes and others perform home visits and help out at fundraising events. We have volunteers that match our Danes to their perfect forever home and others that help out with behaviour issues. Volunteers come from all walks of life but what they all have in common is a love for Great Danes.


This month we're featuring Ronda Vaughn - a long-time foster mom.

How long have you volunteered with GDRI?
Started in 3/2013 but not fostering (kid age requirement), fostering started in 2015. Four years total.

What are your roles in GDRI (past & present)?

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as a GDRI volunteer?
Getting through my first foster. She was here for awhile for minor medical issues and was (and still is) extremely dog aggressive. Four months of rotating dogs and we all made it. :)

Why did you decide to volunteer with GDRI?
I have always thought I wanted a Great Dane one day. My husband and I figured what better way to learn the breed while helping dogs.

What is the hardest part of volunteering?
Letting them go.

What was the most unexpected part of volunteering?
How well run and organized the rescue is. I've worked with others and have found not all rescues are created equal.

What do you do outside of your rescue work?
Mom to 10 & 7 year olds, chiropractor, run a Boxer Rescue.

What’s one little-known fact about you?
I've been a licensed Scuba diver since I was 15.