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GDRI Volunteer of the Month

Heather Braslawsce

We thought that you might like to get to know us. There are a host of volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and energy to Great Dane Rescue Inc.

Some of our volunteers home foster our Danes, others help transport our Danes to their forever homes and others perform home visits and help out at fundraising events. We have volunteers that match our Danes to their perfect forever home and others that help out with behaviour issues. Volunteers come from all walks of life but what they all have in common is a love for Great Danes.


This month we're featuring Heather Braslawsce.


How long have you volunteered with GDRI?
I have been a member of GDRI (I think) a 1 to 1 1/2 yrs.

What are your roles in GDRI (past & present)?
I am a foster and help with transport sometimes.

What do you consider your greatest accomplishment as a GDRI volunteer?
I guess my greatest accomplishment would be being able to help the dogs that have come through my door so they can move on to better homes.

Why did you decide to volunteer with GDRI?
I decided to volunteer here because I loved my Great Dane tremendously and started fostering Great Danes in Texas. When we settled in Ohio I found this group.

What is the hardest part of volunteering?
I think the hardest part of fostering is when you become attached to a dog but have to let them move on. Also, taking in a dog when things are a little crazy at home and trying to keep the house clean.

What was the most unexpected part of volunteering?
The most unexpected part is being able to work with a great group of people who all share a love for Great Danes.

What do you do outside of your rescue work?
Outside of rescue work I am busy running kids and a house (my husband is on the road a lot). I also have a small cookie business I run out of my home and go to school part time.

What’s one little-known fact about you? I am not sure if it’s a little known fact but I would probably own 5 to 6 dogs if my husband wouldn't put his foot down.