Help Our Cause

Wish List

You can help us help Great Danes. The following is a list of essentials we need to continue our efforts:

  • Yarn for making crate pads

  • Crates - Dane size and colossal, gift certificates would be great

  • Crate pads

  • Blankets

  • Heartworm pills

  • Collars and Leads (leashes)

  • Postage stamps - ALWAYS in need of stamps, we send out a lot of info and applications

  • Ink Cartridges

  • Gift certificates for office Max or Staples

  • You know those nice thank you/ blank cards you get from charities that get thrown in the garbage? To help save money, we use those for thank you notes to donators and supporters

  • Copier paper

  • Telephone calling cards - now that we're covering AL and Canada too, we're spending even more on phone calls

  • An RV for transportation would be great now that we're covering so much area.

  • Dog toys sufficient for Great Danes

  • Gas cards

  • Printing of marketing pieces and event programs

  • Layout and printing of signs and banners

  • Promotional giveaways, prizes, or items for resale opportunities

  • Water and snacks for humans and dogs at events (Michigan, Indiana, Canada, & Alabama)

  • Advertisement (in print and online media)

  • Rental items for events: tables, linens, tents, etc.

  • Oh, and while I'm thinking of it, some property in the MI/IN area would be GREAT for a shelter! Hey, you can donate it and hopefully take a tax deduction.....