Breeding Considerations - Breeding-Where do Deaf Whites Come From?

We've now covered the genetics that make up Black, Harlequin, Merle and (double merle) White. Let's take a look at what we get when we start breeding these dogs. For now, let's disregard S-series white spotting. We'll take a look at it again later.
For Black and White Danes, I'll use BlackH and WhiteH if these dogs are carrying the H gene. Please note that these percentages are theoretical, given that HH is lethal. However, MMHh is also a sub-lethal, in that some MMHh dogs also do not develop, so the WhiteH numbers stated are HIGHER than would actually be expected in actual puppies born.
While it may be possible to distinguish WhiteH from White because the WhiteH, while rarer, should only show black patches on the few areas of pigment, whereas a White (not carrying Harle) can show Merle and Black patches.
There is no way to visually distinguish between Black and BlackH.

! = will produce double-merle white puppies
* = will produce Harlequin

Author: Ana Greavu-Rachow
Notes Breeding Genotypes Offspring
  Black x Black mmhh x mmhh 100% Black
  Black x BlackH mmhh x mmHh 50% Black, 50% BlackH
  Black x Merle mmhh x Mmhh 50% Black, 50% Merle
  Black x Harlequin mmhh x MmHh 25% Harle, 25% Merle, 25% Black, 25% BlackH
  Black x White mmhh x MMhh 100% Merle
* Black x WhiteH mmhh x MMHh 50% Merle, 50% Harle
  BlackH x BlackH mmHh x mmHh 50% Black x 50% BlackH
* BlackH x Merle mmHh x Mmhh 25% Black, 25% BlackH, 25% Merle, 25% Harle
* BlackH x Harlequin mmHh x MmHh 33% BlackH, 16.7% Black, 33% Harle, 16.7% Merle
* BlackH x White mmHh x MMhh 50% Merle, 50% Harle
* BlackH x WhiteH mmHh x MMHh 33% Merle, 67% Harle
! Merle x Merle Mmhh x Mmhh 25% Black, 50% Merle, 25% White
!* Merle x Harlequin Mmhh x MmHh 25% Merle, 50% Harle, 12.5% Black, 12.5% BlackH, 12.5% White, 12.5% WhiteH
! Merle x White Mmhh x MMhh 50% Merle, 50% White
!* Merle x WhiteH Mmhh x MMHh 25% Merle, 25% Harle, 25% White, 25% WhiteH
!* Harlequin x Harlequin MmHh x MmHh 28.3% Black, 16.7% BlackH, 33.3% Harle, 16.7% Merle, 16.7% WhiteH, 8.3% White
!* Harlequin x White MmHh x MMhh 25% Merle, 25% Harle, 25% White, 25% WhiteH
!* Harlequin x WhiteH MmHh x MMHh 33.3% WhiteH, 16.7% White, 33.3% Harle, 16.7% Merle
! White x White MMhh x MMhh 100% White
! White x WhiteH MMhh x MMHh 50% White, 50% WhiteH
! WhiteH x WhiteH MMHh x MMHh 66.7% WhiteH, 33.3% White