You're reading that right - 2020!

Fun Day has been our single-biggest fundraiser since day 1 of Great Dane Rescue, Inc.  Last year we had started to plan for Fun Day 2020 before the news of COVID-19, and then the world shut down.  So did Fun Day 2020.
The bad news is that we need to err on the side of caution, and wait into the future for the chance to play-bow.  The always-fun Fun Day 2021 is unable to happen.  Boo!

Because of the lack of Fun Day 2020, and now 2021, our medical and special-needs expenses exceeded our donations, which has made recent foster intake a financial challenge.  But while this is our challenge, it can also be your opportunity.  Fun Day 2020 can still produce some playtime.

We got our heads together, and have come up with the following. A prized 2020 Fun Day Welcome Bag, Just look at this!

Roll of poop bags
Hand sanitizer
1 Bag of Hunter’s Treats
1 toy (Kangaroo, Dragonfly, or Ball)
(optional add-on) GDRI Calendar

You will be helping the medical needs for Great Dane fosters, as well as all of our foster Great Danes in general, to get a second chance at health and finding a loving forever home.

We are always grateful and proud for your continued support.  And please, continue to stay safe.

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2020 Fun Day

2020 Fun Day

2020 Fun Day

Great Dane Rescue Inc.'s 2020 Fun Day in 2021

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